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Cans are a trusted and safe delivery system for many products that are packed as aerosols.  Metal cans offer high-speed and low-cost filling processes.  Once fitted with an industry standard valve this packaging is used for many household names within the Personal care markets including deodorants, hair care, shave products and other toiletries, plus items in the Home Care category including insect repellents and water repellents for clothing and shoes.

Marketers often see benefits in using aluminium cans due to the potential shaping options.  Jamestrong Packaging is able to produce fairly complex shapes as evident by some of the products seen on the retailer shelves today.  As with all metal packaging, aluminium aerosol cans offer a sustainable and low cost delivery system for many products.  Our Taree plant currently manufactures: Can Diameters of 35mm, 45mm, 50mm, 53mm and 59mm and Can Heights range from 88mm to 202mm. Capabilities include shaped can-necking and eight colour printing.

Jamestrong Packaging has a long pedigree in the production of aluminium aerosol cans and is a well renowned supplier in the industry.  We continue to be a key member and supporter of the Aerosol Association of Australia.

Feel free to discuss your aluminium aerosol can requirements with us.  We offer a wide range of sizes with some customised shapes and can give advice on particular coating requirements for specific products.


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