Jamestrong Packaging is a leading packaging supplier to some of the region's well-known brands. We supply innovative metal packaging solutions and are the largest supplier of aerosol cans and food cans in Australasia.  Metal packaging is a safe and cost effective packaging solution and is one of the most recycled and sustainable packaging products available today.  Our products play a key role in differentiating our customers' products and bringing value and quality to the consumer.   

Our Head office is located in Melbourne and we have 4 manufacturing facilities located throughout Australia and New Zealand.  We operate across three distinct divisions - Food cans (human food and nutrition), Aluminium Aerosols and Tinplate Aerosols.     We offer a broad range of innovative packaging solutions to meet the varied and changing needs of customers.  We have developed and refined state-of-the-art manufacturing processes for systemised, reliable and highly scalable production and apply the latest production technologies and sustainable practices.  We also have can shaping, embossing and printing capabilities.

Our focus is on best practices in producing sustainable and infinitely recyclable products in an environmentally friendly manner.  Food security and quality is paramount as can integrity is the major concern for the customer and end user.  The company uses Statistical Process Control, which focuses on process capability to drive quality and maintaining the strictest quality control standards.

Jamestrong manufactures and supplies steel food cans to the following key market segments:

  • Dry Powder (eg. infant formula, milk powder, adult nutrition)
  • Food (eg. soup, fruit and vegetables, meals)
  • Dry beverage (eg. milk modifiers, coffee)
  • Pet food (eg. wet dog and cat food)

Our steel cans are manufactured at Kyabram, Victoria, Milperra, New South Wales and in Hastings, New Zealand.  Our steel cans are offered in a range of diameters from 52mm to 153mm, while ends can be supplied from 49mm to 153mm in diameter.  We offer a wide range of innovative and market-leading convenience ends and components are available, including full aperture EZO (easy open) ends.  All cans and ends can be supplied either plain or decorated.

Jamestrong manufactures and supplies aerosol cans to the following key market segments:

  • Personal and Hair Care (eg. deodorants, hair sprays, shave products)
  • Household products (eg. insecticides, air fresheners)
  • Industrial and DIY (eg. spray paints, degreasers)
  • Food and beverage (eg. whipped cream, pan sprays)

Our steel aerosol cans are manufactured in Milperra, New South Wales and Hastings, New Zealand.  They are available in various standard size combinations, in diameters of 52mm, 57mm or 65mm and heights from 98mm to 280mm.  They can be decorated with up to eight colours and lined with internal coatings.

Our aluminium aerosol cans are manufactured in Taree, New South Wales and are available in various standard-size combinations, in diameters ranging from 35mm to 59mm and heights from 88mm to 200mm. They can be decorated with up to eight colours and lined with internal coatings.


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