Jamestrong Packaging recognises its responsibility to the environment and is fully committed to the sustainable growth of our organisation.

A philosophy of continuous improvement supports our environmental management systems, through improving performance in areas such as emissions reduction, maximising recycled content, minimising raw material consumption and material waste and optimising logistics.

We manage sustainable development by monitoring and reviewing key performance indicators for relevant environmental impacts.

Steel cans offer high-speed, low-cost filling processes and are the safest, most sustainable and convenient food packaging available.  Steel cans are inherently tamper-proof and with the benefit of being infinitely recyclable as are aluminium aerosol cans and aluminium bottles.  For more information refer to - www.whymetalpackaging.com

Jamestrong Packaging's Sustainability commitment is active in reducing its environmental impact through the following measures:

  • Reducing its facility greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;
  • Maximising the recycling rate and use of recycled product;
  • Optimising the use of secondary packaging materials; and
  • Implementing waste management programmes.




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