Jamestrong is a leading company in metal packaging across Australia and New Zealand, for highly sensitive products including Nutrition and Personal care. Our expertise in the Nutrition market extends over 25 years. Our promise is to supply food safe and quality cans and ends right across our supply chain by:

Customer Care and Continuous Improvement

  • Our commitment is to understand and deliver on customer requirements, ensuring we provide a quality product and service.
  • Building a long lasting relationship with our customers by working closely together to develop products, provide technical support and training.
  • Continuous Improvement Culture that ensures we work towards Best Practice across our business.

Food Safety
Our expertise is to deliver cans that are manufactured and supplied under a FOOD SAFETY Management Program – ISO 22000 certification + HACCP by our:

  • Technical Expertise.
  • Experienced Personnel.
  • Food Safety Risk Management via CCP’s, OPRPS and PRP’s by identifying and managing the Microbiological, Chemical, Physical and Allergen risk hazards.
  • Supplier Management ensuring we build a relationship with our approved suppliers to provide food safe materials, improved performance and quality.

Quality Programs
Robust Management Programs support the quality of our products:

  • Quality Management Program.
  • Microbiological Program.
  • Verification and Validation Program.
  • Change Management Program.
  • Problem Solving Process.


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